"If you are not projecting yet.....I will get down on my knees to beg you! We have always projected but when we switched from film to digital...the transition was "seamless" thanks to Tom. Tom was a big help in helping me "change" my projection room for the best angle for viewing. We paid for our projector in the first two days! This is one investment that will pay for itself over and over again. I can never thank Tom enough for his personal service and all of the times I bugged him with questions. His client satisfaction is way beyond the call to duty! Tom has made Donnino Galleria Portraits a huge success!"

Frank Donnino, Donnino Galleria Portraits - Boynton Beach, Florida

"When my studio went digital and I began projecting images, our sales averages doubled! Clients love viewing thier images in a multi-media presentation in our theater-style sales rooms. Coming Attractions is the place to go for high quality projectors. Tom Newman is both knowledgeable and helpful! He not only supplies the projector, he also provides tech support."

Sandy Puc', Expressions By Sandy Puc' - Littleton, Colorado

"I'm just calling you to thank you for selling us such an awesome piece of equipment, the thing works no matter what we hook it to or what we are doing with it. It's always perfect, we've been to 3 or 4 seminars lately and watch people hook up other projectors to their computers and they never work right. The screen size is wrong or it won't display the whole screen, or it's warped in one direction or the other. We've never had that problem with ours, we just look at each other and smile and think well we've got a nice one. So, thank you so much for all the work you did and for all the time you spent with us on the phone. And selling us such an awesome piece of equipment."

Paul Munroe, Unforgettable Moments - Bath, Maine

"Tom, thank you so much for all the assistance you have given us in the design and setup of our presentation room and our projection system. Our sales have more than doubled since our system was installed. I know that we could have purchased a projector elsewhere but no where else could we have gotten all the personalized service that you have provided to us. You are extremely knowledgeable...and we know that you are always available to answer our "dumb" questions!"

Margie Ammons, Cliff Ammons Photography - Aurora, Colorado

"Coming Attractions is great to work with! Tom is extremely helpful even though he lives in a different part of the country. He's only a phone call away and will walk through any problem you might incur (although I have only experienced one little glitch, which probably results from being a technical weenie) As a photographer I have gone full circle in the manner that I have presented images to my clients. I actually started off with a data projector a number of years ago. That was much too complicated for me ( I could never get it color corrected properly) Went to paper proofs, then to slide presentation and back to paper proofs. It seemed to be the most practical approach at the time since my studio was experiencing tremendous growth.

I knew from all the lectures I went to that I really needed to go to digital projection. By the way, you do not have to be digital to do digital projection. (jsut get your film scanned) So, if you are not ready to make the plunge, do it that way. Last year I invested in a projector with Tom. I did not set it up for about 5 months. What a mistake that was! My sales soared! I started selling more wall portraits as well as add on sales of frames, etc. My average sales over a 4 month period averaged over 55% increase. I believe that it was over 100% in one month. Would I ever consider going back to any other way of presenting images to my clients? NO WAY! I have been on the "cutting edge" in the past and purchased products that were suppose to pay for themselves in a short period of time. I can truthfully say that by purchasing a digital projector, you should certianly pay for your investment in the first two or three months (this depends, of course, with the number of clients you work with). Even if you have to stretch to make the purchase, you will not regret the decision and Tom is the person to work with. He works with many, many photographers throughout the country."

Moesel Photography - Karyl Moesel, Fairfax, VA

"Before I purchased my projector from Tom, I was doing all of my sales by paper proofs. Worse yet, I was sending them out the door and then waiting for the customer to bring them back. I know that at least 40% of those potential sales never made it back to actually place their order. Think about it, you've already gone through and produced the images, processed the previews, spent the time and out of every 100 sessions 40 of them never returned to place an order. To put a dollar amount on that, lets say you run a sales average of just $200 an order that is $8000 walking out the door instead of in your bank account. I switched to projection sales and Totally stopped any printed previews. My projector paid for itself 3 times over in the first 100 sessions that I projected. That's not figuring in the increased sales averages that I am enjoying (and I do mean ENJOYING)! Another plus is the turnaround time from photo session to final sale. It used to be two to three weeks and longer. Now, it is only three days, and that is on 100% of all sessions! Life Is Much Gooder!"


Kirk Kief, Kief Photography - Palatka, FL