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     Our mission at Coming Attractions is to equip the Professional Photographer to start projecting as soon as possible. Projecting is a proven way to increase your sales averages. The average photographer will double there sales overnight. After years of research and over 700 photographers satisfied we have found the perfect digital projector options for your studio and for your budget. We understand how important the quality of the projected image is to the photographer. Our digital projectors project a sharp,bright and true color image.With just a few simple steps we will help you create the perfect presentation room for your studio.

Step 1:    We will sell you the correct projector for your presentation room based on the size of the room, and your budget.

Step 2:    We will walk you through set up procedures such as computer connections, resolution settings,mounting options and detailed adjustments like keystone correction and color adjustment.

Step 3:    We will then help you choose the correct screen taking into account the size of your presentation room, the sitting distance of your clients, and your budget.

Step 4:    "Presentation Software" we will guide you to the correct software solution which is PC and MAC compatible. This is a very important tool in getting the most out of your "Projecting Experience"

Step 5:    "Sound" the most forgotten and underestimated step in most studio presentations. We can provide you with a simple sound system package so you can play music from either your computer presentation software,CD,IPOD, or DVD Player.

Step 6:    "Service" with just a simple phone call we can handle all your questions about operating your equipment and all warranty questions through the life of your projector.




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